Let's build your kart in 3 easy steps »

1| Chassis size

Find the chassis best fit to your age group


ages   4-8  

  • Single-speed karts
  • rear brake system
  • Top speed ~25 - 50 mph 


ages  8-12

  • single speed & shifter karts
  • brake system based on kart
  • Top speed ~ 50 - 60 mph 

Full Size

ages 12+

  • single-speed & shifter karts
  • brake system based on kart
  • Top speed ~70 - 100+ mph 

2| Engine type

Choose between single-speed vs. shifter engine

Single-Speed Engine

As the name infers, single-speed karts have  no gearbox.  A centrifugal clutch provides just enough slippage to idle and accelerate from a standstill. The engines often come with electric start, providing  “Touch and Go” (TaG) convenience  to the driver.

- Simple, Easy to learn

Shifter Engine

have a gearbox, (typically 6-Speed), allowing for faster acceleration & top end speed. Clutch Lever is used for take-off only. the sequential gearbox allows for up or down shifting without use of the clutch. Some engines are push-start only, while others are Electric Start.

- Intense, fast, fun, & challenging

3| Power unit

Now that you know the chassis and engine type best fit for you, Its time to Select your engine brand, model, and displacement.

Follow below links to learn more about the Factory Karts power unit options

Kid Kart

1| ELECTRIC;   2| HONDA GXH 50  Continue reading →  

Cadet Kart

1| MINI SWIFT;   2| FZ65  Continue reading →  

Full Size Single-Speed Kart

1| 4-STROKE;   2| KA 100;   3| IAME X30 125 TAG  Continue reading →

Full Size Shifter Kart

1| FZ85;   2| FZ125;   3| TM 'R2' KZ ;   4| IAME 'Screamer IV' KZ;   5| IAME 175 SSE;    Continue reading →  

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